5 Quick Ways to Improve PPC Click Through Rate

Recent trends in advertising and a lot of market research reveals the importance of PPC for businesses. While Google’s AdWords provides a good platform, a few tricks would come in handy to get better Click Through Rate.

Digital marketing started off by placing static advertisements on web pages, but it was easy to ignore them and keep scrolling. Eventually, every digital marketing agency came up with new techniques to promote products, brands and services through advertisement. The businesses had to pay a hefty fee without the guarantee that viewers actually saw the advertisement and took note of their products, brands or services.

With PPC or pay-per click, the businesses get value for money. With AdWords, Google’s leading advertising and marketing service, it has become easier for the companies to market their products. However, just putting up AdWords is not enough. Here are 5 ways to make sure that the PPC click-through rate for your advertisements increases:

  1. Use Ad-Extensions: Google has a wide array of ad-extensions that can be used to show reviews and ratings, awards and any other such details with the advertisement. The achievements help get more clicks for your ads. Any good digital marketing agency would suggest you use ad-extensions like Call extension that lets you put in your phone number in the ad or the Snippet extension.
  2. Call To Action: Make sure that the CTA is placed in the PPC ad. A good call to action can create a sense of urgency within the viewer. On the suggestion of any digital marketing agency, if you decide to add in a countdown timer symbol, that would also give a sense of urgency to the viewer, as if they would miss out on a great deal if they don’t act now. That will help you get more clicks on AdWords.
  3. Make Proper Bids: Review the amount you bid regularly to make sure you made the proper bid. Remember, your competitors are also looking to capture audiences with PPC advertising options. You don’t want your competitors to be featured before you. make proper bids to make sure you stay on the first page and on top.
  4. Font, Content and Keyword: Use a powerful font, make sure you have the correct group of keywords and put engaging contents for the targeted audience to get higher AdWords CTR. For example, simple modifications such as capitalisations of Ad Title can make a huge difference. You can consult with a digital marketing agency and discuss what the perfect and concise engaging content for your ad might me.
  5. Proper URL embedding: Use an URL that promotes your products and services. The URL displayed in the ad might not be the actual URL of your website, but it tells your potential audience where they can find what they are looking for.

You can do this in a matter of hours, with the correct team of professionals that you can find with any company that works with PPC. If your business is in or around Delhi then a quick online search for ppc company in delhi will lead you to the best agencies of PPC delhi. Google is giving you the chance of increasing the visibility of your advertisement and converting it to actual revenue.