5 Reasons You Should Consult a Veterinarian If You Suspect Lameness In a Horse

Finding your horse favoring a leg is not always the end of the world. Horses are big curious animals that can even have a clumsy day. You should consult a veterinarian if they seem to be experiencing pain or the odd behavior continues for more than 48 hours. Below are five reasons you should always get medical advice with horse lameness.

The Horse May Be Experiencing Pain

The sudden change in the conformation, or gait of a horse, no matter how subtle, is a sign of lameness. Common causes are physical deformity or injury. The type of horse and activity involved will leave some open to frequent injuries. Racehorses tend to suffer lameness from knee injuries and stress. Hock and hoof lameness develop in higher numbers with barrel racing horses. Any form of lameness should be checked by a veterinarian because the horse could be experiencing significant pain.

Extra Stress Placed On the Body

A horse can carry their weight without problems if all four legs are healthy and operational. Lameness in one leg can throw everything out of balance. It will place extra stress on the remaining three legs, hips, shoulders, and spine. Quick diagnosis and correction of this condition will provide the best results.

Injury Treatment

Lameness caused by an injury is normally treatable. Putting off treatment can lead to chronic pain conditions, extended recovery, and possibly permanent lameness. Bring a veterinarian into the situation whether you see a physical injury or not.

Surgical Intervention

Some conditions that cause lameness will have to be treated by surgical intervention. The veterinarian will do a thorough set of tests to make sure this is the right course of action to get the horse well.

Avoid Complete Breakdown Leading to Euthanasia

Not treating all levels of lameness with the appropriate concern can lead to a complete breakdown in function and euthanasia of the horse. Waiting to see if it gets better could sentence the horse to permanent lameness. Early medical intervention is best.

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