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A Quick Introduction to Intermodal Transportation Movement is a key feature of human being. People do not only move but also create movement for goods these movements are known as transportation. The movement may happen over several means of transport creating a need for intermodal transport. Many people using sea transport find the need of intermodal trucking. The owner of the cargo will usually outsource the services if intermodal trucking to a Harbor specialist. The Harbor specialists is usually a company that directs the movement of containers. Therefore the agent sets up a warehouse at the harbor where containers will be stored for either been loaded to the ship or being loaded to trucks or trains. The client usually outsources the services of a harbor specialist because they either do not the time to perform the tasks themselves or lack the intermodal transportation expertise. The owners of the cargo usually alerts the Harbor specialist of the specific time the cargo will need transportation services. The information is the description, which will be used to identify the container. Also, the message also has the destination information which the harbor specialist will use in directing the cargo movement.
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Intermodal trucking is an innovation of overcome the challenges that face different transportation modes. Some of the limitations are.
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Some means of transport cannot be used in given locations. Such as a water transportation vessels can only travel over water mediums such as sea and oceans. Making sea transport only applicable to locations bordering water bodies. Intermodal trucking is used to overcome the challenge of sea transport by interlinking land area with the coastal area. Intermodal transportation is also used to ease congestion on one means of transport. The means of transport will suffer delays if a lot of people are using them. To ease intermodal congestion transportation assist people to switch to the least congested mode of transport when moving or to transport goods. Movement of goods by ships and other water vessels are facilitated the growth of international trade. Countries so far away can exchange their goods via sea transport. Sea transport is preferred because ships have a large capacity to carry goods and they charge fair transportation fees. With intermodal trucking even land locked countries can benefit from sea transport. The land locked countries will usually transport well via sea to the nearest harbor then the goods will be transported to the country via other land means of transport such as road and railways. Therefore resulting in the growth of the coastal city.