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GHS Spreadsheet 101 It seem very easy to comply with GHS norms on the face of it. However, when it comes to its implementation, it can be a very involving task especially for those that were not initiated. GHS SDS must be prepared if any chemical or formulation is deemed hazardous according to various classes. The manufacturer, dealer, importer or exporter must prepare GHS Safety Data Sheets when the chemical matches cut off value for various hazard classes. For instance, chemicals falling into the acute toxicity class with a concentration limit of 1% or more must have the appropriate GHS SDS. The cutoff point for carcinogenic and those chemicals that affect the reproductive system is 0.1% The GHS SDS forms all have a standardized structure beginning with identification, first aid measures, exposure control as well as stability that has to be complied with. If it is just one chemical, it is easy to decide. The task may however become very complicated if it is a formulation and one may need the help of a professional to help them out. There are minimum things that have to be included when recording a chemical in a GHS SDS, the restrictions and use of chemicals classification. Manufacturers may hesitate when it comes to disclosing ingredients of a chemical formulation but this is a prerequisite and must be done in a way to ensure confidentiality while disclosing the right amount of information, an area where the expertise of experienced professionals comes in handy.
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The contents should be put down in a simple language that is devoid of all ambiguities. The main reason of involving an expert in preparing this sheet is that they will be able to know the pitfalls when it comes to the language to be used in order to fit every region that the forms may be send. Some geographic regions, do not use English and they will know that they need to translate it. An American company, for example, may export to the Far East or to Europe. To be able to make the right translations, it is important therefore to hire an expert.
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Most countries have not adopted to this considerations in the same way. countries are not obligated to follow the set compulsory recommendations. Some countries, especially those in the European Union, have defined additional norms. It is therefore a requirement that when selling goods to the European Union an additional document need to be signed to show compliance to their additional norms.Therefore, people from those other 65 countries could come up with additional norms just like the European Union. Of paramount importance is to hire an expert to compile a country data sheets.