How Would You Be Trading With Vortex Assets?

If you are planning to purchase in a safe and secure way to achieve your financial independence, look no further. Vortex assets are one of the best trading platforms that have an award-winning service and support for all their customers.

About Vortex assets

Vortex assets are an innovative and well known financial services company that offers clients a full suite of easy to use online brokerage services as well as a variety of banking solutions that are delivered at a very competitive price. Vortex assets also empower their clients to take control of their future and secure their finances by providing the best kind of product tools and services that are required to meet their investment goals. The company has a highly user-friendly interface with outstanding customer service and applications. Vortex assets trade through some trading platforms comprising of Web terminal, Meta Trader 4 and Mobile trading platforms.

Why should

Three Ways Start Ups Can Leverage the Services of SQL Stream

Starting up a business is not easy; a lot is required for a new enterprise to develop into a big and profitable business. Start ups face big challenges in accumulating adequate capital and resources to take care of the cost of operation. Getting customers to buy the business’ products and services is also very challenging, the human resource is similarly very expensive. New technologies really offer good opportunity to small enterprises especially the fresh and promising initiatives. Live streaming innovations are proving to be a lifesaver for start ups. Data is processed in real time therefore helping companies to minimize time wastage and related loses. SQL streaming is the technology behind most of the real time streaming and data analysis.

SQL is a power full query language that that is good for querying not only tables but also data on transit. New startups can stream data for market analysis. Market …

How to Test Your eCommerce Shopping Cart

If you’ve finished designing your new online store and everything looks right, there’s one final step that you need to take before your e-commerce site goes live. You should thoroughly test your merchant shopping cart to ensure that everything is working properly first. Many first-time online entrepreneurs and small business owners neglect to take this step, which can result in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction if problems occur.

Testing shopping cart ecommerce software is quite simple now that there are many automated tools available for this sole purpose. Depending on the specific shopping cart or e-commerce platform that you’re using, those may be included in the software or created by third party developers. When you run a testing tool on your e-commerce site, it will perform its diagnostics and provide you with a report showing if any areas need attention.

According to Secure Net Shop, site testing tools check …

What to Ask Your High Risk Credit Card Processor

Small business owners must formulate a good relationship with their payment processor. Visa and MasterCard control most of the credit and debit card networks, but don’t work directly with business owners. Instead owners must turn to credit card payment processors to be able to accept Visa and MasterCard. Before signing a contact with any payment processor, here are a few questions you should ask them.

  1. Is there a cancellation or early termination fee?

Some processors charge for this. However, early termination fees shouldn’t exceed $400. Also beware of payment processors who charge “liquidated damages” a termination fee which charges for the estimated amount of the full contract, if a merchants ends the contract before it expires.

  1. Is interchange-plus pricing an option?

If they don’t offer this option find another payment processor. Interchange-plus pricing, shows you what MasterCard or Visa charges (the interchange fee), plus what you are paying your processor. …

3 Tips for Touching up Your Resume

In the world of business, first impressions are vitally important. Since resumes often constitute employers’ first impressions of prospective hires, it’s imperative that these documents be immaculate. Even if you’re uniquely qualified for a position, a lackluster resume practically guarantees that you won’t be contacted for an interview. Luckily, touching up a poorly-composed resume isn’t as daunting as it may sound. To increase your chances of eliciting positive attention from prospective employers and being granted more interviews; put the following tips to good use.

1. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Although highlighting one’s professional accomplishments on a resume may seem like a no-brainer, a surprising number of jobseekers neglect to do this. Even if the jobs you’ve held in the past don’t have much of a connection to your current field, prospective employers will be interested to learn about the things you accomplished while working them. Additionally, make sure to list the …