scarry place that you must to know

This is a scary place in Bali, a place below to prove itself. But be careful yes, the risk borne by the passenger.

1.Wildlife Festival

Wildlife Festival which is located in Sanur was never completed and has been abandoned since 14 years ago. Not only the place is creepy, but it seems there is a maintenance alligators, and crocodiles are becoming malignant and eat each other (cannibal). Crocodiles are now no longer exist, but be wary if you come there. if you fear you can hide and stay in bali indonesia hotels

2. Grave Bali (Trunyan)

There is a village named Kintamani Trunyan and there the dead were buried in the open under a tree. The cemetery is also known as a gathering place for the leak (demon Bali) ..

3. The vessel Ho Tsai Fa No. 18

This ship stranded in Padang-Padang in 2008. Even more sinister again, the …