Commonly Asked Questions of a Sewer Smoke Test

When you’re having problems with a sewer, a smoke test is a common way to learn about breaks and cracks. Before you decide to use this method, there may be some questions you have about the procedure.


Is it safe?

Smoke testing is considered a safe and efficient way to learn about the breaks and cracks that could be allowing rainwater into the sewer system. The smoke is manufactured for this test. It is not “smoke” in the traditional sense. Instead, it is a visible mist that won’t harm children or pets.

Will the smoke enter homes?

It is possible that smoke will enter homes, but it does not leave behind any residue. If a home’s plumbing and sewer smoke test is in good condition, then there will be no smoke. It is common to see smoke coming out of manhole covers, building foundations, and roof vents. The crew performing the test will know that the sewers have been filled if they see the smoke coming from the vents on homes.

Can the smoke create a fire?

No fire can be produced from the smoke because it is artificial. It won’t set off a smoke alarm nor will it create any kind of fire hazard.

Understanding the details of the smoke test performed in the sewers is critical. No one has to be home in order for it to work effectively. It can be used by municipalities as well as by homeowners. If homeowners see any smoke appearing inside their home, it indicates that there may be plumbing issues. It may also be indicative that gases and odors from the sewer system are also entering the home.

Various smoke products can be obtained so that these tests can be performed. Knowing the commonly asked questions will also help if there are concerned residents who want to know more about what is going on.