Disability Denials Are Avoidable

Too many people remain uninformed about the challenge of receiving social security disability benefits. It is a common belief that millions of people are added to the system every year even without actually needing the assistance. Someone with a genuine claim may then be surprised to discover they are refused despite believing they have done everything correctly. They may have provided a seemingly airtight case proving their need and still have received a denial. Reapplying is allowed, but without help most will face a cycle of denials and reapplications. There are several common reasons SSI and SSD applications are denied.

  • The is paperwork that is missing or what is submitted has omissions or erros.
  • The disability is not believed severe enough to qualify or will not be a factor long enough.
  • Medical records do not provide adequate proof of an injury or illness.
  • Part time workers are earning too much to qualify for assistance.
  • The applicant missed hearings or did not return forms before deadlines.
  • The applicant failed to follow through with medical treatments or therapy that could have improved their condition.
  • The disability is not covered by the social security administration.
  • The problem may be the result of a drug addiction or alcoholism.

It is important to not give up even when the cause seems hopeless. These programs were created to prevent people from suffering and living in poverty. Help is available when an illness or injury is genuine and is preventing someone from caring for themselves or supporting their family. Most attorneys that handle these cases will only accept clients with a genuine claim. Their knowledge of the system greatly increases the potentials for acceptance and they only charge a fee when they are successful. Newswire reports have detailed the difficulties people endure fighting for the benefits they need to survive. No one needs to wait until they receive a denial before they contact a lawyer. By the time this occurs the client is often at risk of losing their home and vehicles and unable to afford their medical care. Contacting a disability lawyer prior to submitting an initial application will speed up the entire process and help to prevent any loss or unnecessary struggle.