Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

About one-third of all vehicle crashes involve vehicles that are driven for work. Employers are concerned about being responsible for some of the injuries and fatalities that occur on the road because of their drivers. There are measures that are being taken to ensure drivers have more training, especially defensive driving. Meanwhile, another thing that employers may want to think about is having a driving at work policy in place for the business. This article will address this issue to those employers. The question is “Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy?” These are some of the reasons why.

  • Employers realize they have an ethical responsibility to care for the safety of their employees, including the ones who drive company vehicles. This means that they have this same responsibility for any other vehicles the company vehicle might come into contact with.
  • Employers are responsible to ensure that their employees are operating safe vehicles that are thoroughly ready for the road, whether the employee is driving a company vehicle or a personal vehicle.
  • All company vehicles that travel great distances must follow the circumscribed rules of commercial driving set forth on the roads. This includes allowing a reasonable amount of time for the trip, and planning for the appropriate road stops.
  • Those employees that drive for work must have the appropriate licenses and certifications for the vehicles they are driving. The employer is responsible to check the official driving documents of each employee. This is to ensure that everything is up-to-date and legal.
  • If there are driving employees who have excessive incidents on the road or marks against their licenses, the employers are required to ensure they receive additional training.

With all of these rules to follow, employers would be smart to implement a driving at work policy. The Law Office of Keith L. Magness has been meeting the legal solutions of clients in the New Orleans, Louisiana area for many years. The law firm has helped businesses who get in trouble because of employee accidents on the road for business purposes. More information can be found by visiting the website,