Hiring Your First Employee? Here’s What You Need to Know

Business is booming, and the time has come to hire one or more employees. Before bringing someone into the organization, however, a business owner needs to carry out certain tasks. Doing so ensures there are no problems in the future.

Ensure The Employee Is Eligible To Work In The Country

Individuals may move to another country in the hopes of obtaining work, but don’t have the paperwork necessary to obtain legal employment. Although it would seem this burden should fall on the employee, an employer is required to conduct certain checks before hiring a person. Never neglect this step to save time or money, as doing so could significantly damage the business over time.

Protect The Safety And Health Of Employees

Workers’ compensation is needed to protect a business in the event an employee is hurt on the job. Additional insurance may be needed also, based on the industry and/or location of the business. Learn the requirements and ensure they are adhered to at all times. Furthermore, post any necessary signs throughout the business and find out what other actions are required by law, as doing so ensures the business is protected if something does go wrong.

Draw Up An Employment Contract

At a bare minimum, this contract needs to outline the duties and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. Many businesses choose to add additional information in this document, yet this is a matter of personal choice. In this situation, it may be best to seek legal advice to make certain all of the basics are covered and to learn which other information may be helpful in a document of this type.

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