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Boost Your Accounts Payable Efficiency’s With an External Audit It is true that business that succeed tend to grow in complexity over time, resulting in increased exposure to accounting errors. That being said, no company today will turn down an opportunity to look at ways to expand revenues and increase efficiencies. With an external audit, you may improve the efficiency of your firm’s accounts payable with a view to recovering up to billions of lost money, leading to enhanced profitability. An accounts payable audit enables the tracking of payment duplicating, over payments, accrual oversights, and under payment, making it feasible to recover money lost through the mistakes. On top of helping trace lost money, the audit produces enhanced efficiency, which is also desirable for higher profits. An external APA provides internal accounting departments with knowledge on methods for enhancing processes and business practices. This is a detailed evaluation that asks questions that were never raised before and provides the right answers. For instance, the analysis will strive to figure out why there was an overpayment, how the internal system failed to detect it, and what measures may be put in place to fix the practices that caused the error. In addition, it will be determined if the personnel at the accounting department can do better. Addressing the above concerns and having in place initiatives meant for improvements are the first crucial steps aimed toward elevating APA efficiencies.
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There are several issues that a recovery audit can reveal that may have caused (or can cause) payment errors. Large transaction numbers are a common concern in most large businesses (especially those with a turnover above $1 billion). Even what may look like a negligible lapse may lend itself to the potential shortfall in the bottom line involving hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. With other mega corporations, payment errors could come from a range of scenarios–case in point, a new privatization or merger leads to the running of multiple non-synchronized financial systems. What’s happening within the systems that enables payment flaws may stay unidentified until an audit of the whole system is carried out.
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An external APA firm will scrutinize your accounting system to locate the origin of duplicate payments and any other payment blunders. The experts will offer suggestions on how to seal internal accounting loopholes to prevent recurrence of the same errors. You can be sure of value for money when you bring on board an APA expert because they’ll charge you on the basis of contingency, entailing that you’re paying only after results have been delivered. There’s no doubt that an external accounts payable audit will help recover lost funds and improve the quality of your internal audits.