How to Test Your eCommerce Shopping Cart

If you’ve finished designing your new online store and everything looks right, there’s one final step that you need to take before your e-commerce site goes live. You should thoroughly test your merchant shopping cart to ensure that everything is working properly first. Many first-time online entrepreneurs and small business owners neglect to take this step, which can result in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction if problems occur.

Testing shopping cart ecommerce software is quite simple now that there are many automated tools available for this sole purpose. Depending on the specific shopping cart or e-commerce platform that you’re using, those may be included in the software or created by third party developers. When you run a testing tool on your e-commerce site, it will perform its diagnostics and provide you with a report showing if any areas need attention.

According to Secure Net Shop, site testing tools check for a wide range of problems. These include broken links, missing images, text that hasn’t been changed from the default placeholders provided by the shopping cart, possible errors in coding, and more. Other advanced tools will also test whether the site will function properly with different browsers and on mobile devices.

You can also do some manual testing. Most cart ecommerce shopping solutions let you set up a test account that you can use to simulate a purchase. You can try buying several of your products to see whether the checkout is completed without problems. Manual testing is also a great way to spot minor problems, such as duplicate product images or spelling mistakes in descriptions.