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Low Charge Ammonia Refrigeration as an Alternative Technology

The world in the recent days has been very keen on issues to do with global warming as one of the critical environmental issues. While this has been the case, industries, and organizations across the world have been on the move to meet the international standards regarding measures put in place to reduce emissions among other environmental degraders. Policies have been put in place as guidelines which should be followed by various industries as a way of ensuring eco-friendly production. The issue of energy consumption in the production process has also been among the issues that have been in the limelight in most of these conferences. The refrigeration industry is among the industries that have been kept on toes by these changes and hence forced to ensure better and more efficient methods of refrigeration.

Ammonia refrigerators have been in the limelight especially due to the preference of industries to use them for their effectiveness. They have been used regardless of the gas being poisonous due to the fact that in case ammonia gas leaks, it is easily detectable due to its smell. The engineers also took advantage of the fact that in case it leaked, it would rise as it is lighter than air a factor that makes it have fewer impacts on people living near where it has leaked.

Low charge ammonia refrigerators have come as an alternative due to a number of reasons. There is need of just a fraction of the refrigerant to achieve the same impact with the traditional refrigeration system. The purchaser does not have to incur extra cost hiring an expert due to the fact that the low charge refrigeration system is factory assembled.

The low charge refrigeration as an alternative also tend to incur less cost in both installing as well as operating when compared with the traditional field built-refrigerator. Comparing the cost of energy on both the traditional ammonia refrigeration system and low charge refrigeration technology, the latter tends to save more energy and hence saves the company in question money. It is also to the advantage of the purchaser that the low charge refrigeration technology has been tested on the ground and hence he or she should not worry that it may break down. Its high demand in the market is also a prove that those who have has an experience with it recommend it to their other branches and even to their friend who operates in the same or related fields.

Due to their adjustability, the refrigeration warehousing has benefited from the low charge refrigeration technology as they can now adjust the refrigerator to the required level of operation hence increasing their output quality. Among the things that have made the low charge refrigeration technology be preferred is its ability to reduce charge by 80%, it has been preferred by many as it has highly improved the user experience. It has been rated as a health, economic and environmentally friendly technology making most of the individual in the cooling and refrigeration industry prefer it.