If you wish to start a new lawn, there are two ways of going about it. These are lawn seeding or laying sod. The cheaper alternative is seeding lawn. In addition, you have a wide range of grass types. Laying sod on the other hand, is a comparatively fast process. It produces new lawns of high quality. Nevertheless, you have to check with your corresponding authority what kind of grass is ideal for your region.

If you have not done this properly before, or if you need some help, please read the following steps for lawn seeding:

  1. Start the process by clearing all weeds from an old lawn. Do it thoroughly. You must dig it out using a shovel with a flat blade. The other way is to spray the weeds with herbicides. Then, use the sod-cutter to remove all roots. You must also get a pH test done on the soil. At times, the pH levels require careful adjustments.
  1. Then, you have to break the soil using a tiller. You do not need to buy a tiller for this. You can rent a tiller from a shop and do the needful.
  1. The next step is to spread the fertilizer over the soil. Make sure that it is rich in phosphorus. Ensure that you apply it on loose soil particles.
  1. You may also need to enrich the soil using a conditioner. A soil conditioner improves the quality of the soil. This product is available in your local stores, selling gardening stuff. Buy it from outside and follow instruction carefully. If you have abundant of compost available in your house, you could very well use that.
  1. After this, you have to use the tiller on the soil again. The tiller will allow you to mix the conditioner and the fertilizer have to be properly in the soil. This is very important so that the soil is rich for seeding and cultivating. However, this sounds like too much of hard work, but you will be extremely pleased with the results. Preparing the soil for the seeding properly is like half work done.
  1. The next step will be to scrape up the soil, and then to level it. Throw away all debris and rocks. You must do proper arrangements to ensure that water does not run into your house, from the lawn. The water must flow away from your house. In addition, you need to level the site has in this manner.
  1. Now, the time is right to use a roller on the soil. Just as you can rent tillers, do the same with the rollers. Fill he roller drum with water and then level the soil properly. The Watering of soil should be a gentle process.
  1. The next step in seeding lawn is to spread the seeds. Simply use a seed spreader to perform this task. Ideally, you must spread at least twenty five percent of the seed at a time. Repeat the exact process for four times. Each time, make sure to spread the seeds in a different direction, so that that when they germinate, they will look orderly on the lawn
  1. Then, make sure you scrap the soil a little to cover all the seeds in a fine layer of soil. Then you have to again use the roller on the lawn, this time without water.
  1. Never, leave the lawn seeding procedure halfway for better overall results. However, you have to water the seeds regularly so that they can germinate. Using water spray is the best. Keep the soil moist at all times. Once you see the glass blades, and then keep a habit of watering the lawn a few times each day.

Finally, please remember do not use a lawn mower and mow your lawn too soon. It will make your lawn become weak. Only mow it with a self-propelled lawn mower when your lawn is higher than 4 inches. Click here if you would like to buy one.