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Pharmaceutical products made in the East African Community (EAC) will be first choice when it comes to government procurement after public and private sector representatives concluded talks on the state of the regional industry recently. In 1969, it became the first magazine to devote a department to information technology, calling it Information Processing. And BBW’s business model has also not evolved as quickly as the market around it – and does not have enough of a focus on digital innovation. This template would work good for your corporate magazine or other magazine with business news and articles. In addition, GMB Mezzanine Capital of Minneapolis was one of the two winning firms honored by the SBA as this year’s Small Business Investment Company of the week magazinebusiness week magazine

This week’s cover , featuring Ted Cruz dressed as the mad hatter, proclaimed The Tea Party Won: Ted Cruz and his band of dead enders took the U.S. through the looking glass. Those not selected will receive severance from McGraw-Hill, said a BusinessWeek week magazine

What will emerge from this will be very different from the stand-alone magazine you all write for at the moment which Ellen has led so diligently. And speaking of that larger conversation, I think a lot of people thought the cover of Steve Ballmer was Photoshopped. Bloomberg Businessweek is a great weekly magazine for business people, with a lot of information about world markets and important issues that will shape the face of future economy.

You pretty much have no choice but to be thinking of BusinessWeek’s famous ‘Death of Equities’ cover , which was published on August 13, 1979, right before a mult-decade generational bull market. Amanda helped create the Small Business Revolution,” a movement to highlight the importance of small businesses, while awarding a $500,000 revitalization to deserving small towns.

Small business owners get enmeshed in minutia of running their business — trying to make payroll, or scheduling servers, or interacting with customers. They forget that seemingly simple things like quality printed menus, vibrant websites and online reviews can increase the bottom line tremendously. This week’s magazine joined the rank of other purely political Businessweek cover stories, including It’s Global Warming, Stupid ” edition after Hurricane Sandy and the anti-NRA cover riddled with bullet holes. When Bloomberg bought it from MH and raised the subscription price I committed to try it. Its both a good business magazine and high end general interest.