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What to Expect from the Top Partner Programs: HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google. In this current generation, 21st Century, everyone is so attached to their phone, tablet, laptop or IPad. The frequent updates from the Tech giants such as HP, Dell, Microsoft and Google have even made it possible to connect direct to the world by click of a button.Every day we wake up and find that the world has moved a step further. They need to partner to get the best ideas and make the best decisions in the TECH world. They need to be able convince everyone that their products are the best with facts. Dell plans to partner with Microsoft, the giant software, to be able to match with its competitors. This partnership is going to be a huge milestone for Dell as Microsoft will help it remain in a long term competitive position. The launch of its Windows 8 operating system has not been any successful and with the massive growth of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Apple’s iOS device and Google’s Android devices, it is only logical for the partnership to be there for both companies. Customers love their products and they always believe they are the best and original. For Google, it is not all bed of roses as there has been hyper-competitive market. The problem only very few people understand its product, you only use google when you want to look up for a word or something from the internet, but the truth is you don’t understand the credibility or enterprise behind it.
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HP has been known worldwide for its high tech computer and computer accessories.Prior, HP had ventured into public cloud business but it decided to shut it down and not compete with Microsoft or Google.
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They are all TECH companies offering similar services differentiated by a unique feature. They will continue to partner to deliver the best to their users. Others, it is just one product that has incorporated several other product into one, for instance a laptop with so many features, or a smartphone that has the ability to do video conferencing. Your thoughts are being taken care of.Other freelance tech companies rely on these giant companies to go on with their jobs.