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Your jewelry collection is not complete if there’s no diamond in it. The sparkle that diamond creates are good for any occasion be it a dinner date, social gatherings, an evening out with some friends and even a day at office. Diamond jewelry are undoubtedly timeless piece of precious stones and that’s just one good reason for owning one.

So be it an elegant drop earring, classic stud, a beautiful diamond pendant, bracelet or exquisite solitaire ring, you will probably never go wrong in making it an investment. Just before you head to the market and make your first diamond purchase on the other hand, you must be aware first of the 4Cs of this precious piece of stone and these are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, which will be discussed below:

Number 1. Cut – actually, this is the most important thing that should be considered when buying diamond jewelry. That is because of the reason that, it’s the cut that is determining the brilliance of the diamond. To put it simply, you can have more sparkle in it if it is cut better.

So long as the diamond is cut beautifully, light will be able to enter from the table and then, travel to its pavilion. It’ll seem as if that your diamond shines from within and reflects the light back into your eyes. Otherwise, a poorly cut diamond makes light seem to leak out from sides and bottom.
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Number 2. Color – actually, the color plays an integral role to determine the price and quality of diamond. It is important to know that colorless diamonds are best thing to have since they allow maximum sparkle or refraction of light. So, better take a look at lack of color when you’re buying diamond jewelry online or offline. Take into account that the clearer the color of your diamond, the better the quality it is going to have.
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Number 3. Clarity – rarely, you’ll find perfect diamond as almost all of them have an inner flaw which occurs during the formation process. The number of flaws, how visible they are and their size are what determining the clarity of diamond. These kinds of imperfections are at times referred to as inclusions. Diamonds with high clarity grades have least and smallest inclusions. Preferably, it will be ideal to opt for eye-clean diamond which indicates that the inclusions couldn’t be seen with naked eyes.

Number 4. Carat – carat weight is actually one of the misunderstood elements of a diamond. Many believe that it is referring to the size but the truth is, this measures the weight of the diamond.