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Identifying the Ideal Residential Flooring Material There are many different types of floor surfaces available on the market. Each has its unique features and methods of caring for them. You could be out shopping for a new floor, or are looking for the best to put in your new house. For whatever case you are searching for this information, it is vital that you are conversant with each floor’s special needs. Stone floors are typically constructed from marble, granite, and limestone. They have become the popular flooring choice for many. Their downside is the great prices for these materials. They form a hard surface, but care must be exercised to ensure no permanent damage occurs on them. Certain chemicals could ruin them. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep this surface clean and well presented. Only a neutral pH cleaner or stone soap should be used in the cleaning job. Do not flood this surface with water. Alkaline and acid cleaners destroy it with time. A commonly occurring kind of surface is the masonry type. The surfaces are commonly made from ceramic tile, clay tile, and concrete. These tiles come in various textures, therefore requiring the various manner of cleaning. Glazed tiles have that shiny surface which is not porous, making them resistant to stains and moisture. While unglazed tiles may lack the resistance of glazed tiles; they are advantaged regarding not being slippery. The concrete floors are good for projects that need colorful surfaces and diverse textures. Their maintenance includes daily sweeping and mopping with a neutral pH cleaner. Acidic and alkaline cleaners should not be used, as they will damage and grout these surfaces as time goes by. The most common floor type is the wooden flooring. It however needs extra care to protect it from abuse, stains, soil and moisture, and ensure it appears nicely. Caring for wooden floors is just like the rest, but you need to exercise more caution due to their higher sensitivity. You should never have any furniture dragged along this kind of floor. They must never be flooded too. During mopping, ensure the mop is just slightly moist. You can easily find commercial wood cleaners. Avoid oil-based soaps or furniture polish on wood floors, because they can make the floor slippery. A residue could also form.
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The laminate floor type is also fast gaining popularity. This is especially the case for residential houses. They are made of wood and certain cellulose products. To strengthen the outer surface, melamine is applied on it. They require next to no maintenance efforts. Cleaning it typically entails frequent sweeping and mopping with a damp mop, while using a laminate cleaner. Since there is wood used in its manufacture, care must be taken to prevent a lot of water coming into contact with it.Finding Ways To Keep Up With Flooring