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Why Doctors Use The Bair Hugger When In Surgeries

During surgeries, patients are prone to losing a lot of heat and therefore they are kept warm by being covered with the bair hugger system for many years now. This is especially during orthopedic surgery. Some people have reported claims that the said therapy has been known to cause further infections to patients but it cannot be well proven.

The use of warm forced hair in keeping the patients undergoing surgery warm to prevent hypothermia is what we call the bair hugger warming therapy. Blankets, warming units and accessories are some of the bair hugger equipment used in place of the usual ones in the hospital.

Many surgeries are known to use this kind of therapy in the world. During surgeries, many patients are prone to becoming hypothermic. In such a case the body is able to lose heat too fast on the ground than that which it is able to produce. Hypothermic patients are prone to high loss of blood which can lead to death when under operation.
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The temperature of the body is regulated using the warm blankets and therefore a patient cannot lose a lot of heat to the environment. You find that the patients are covered in times of the surgery before and after to regulate the temperature. Warm air is gently passed to the patient through the warm blanket.
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Pressure applied in some areas is controlled especially the wounded points. Thus this in return reduces the infections that occur in surgery. The blanket is made with holes that enable a patient to pass the fluids underneath through them. This prevents any fluid building up which can cause a decrease in temperature due to the coldness.

To reduce the chances of infection from one patient to the other the bair hugger blankets are disposable after use. Two patients should never share a bair hugger and should always be sterilized.

In some studies, it is said that the warm air is very prone to transmitting contaminations and hence it poses a risk to the patient under surgery. Researchers however have countered this ideology in that the bair hugger has no connections to infections that occur after surgery. It is important to sterilize the devices before use to prevent the breeding of the bacteria which happens so fast under warm conditions.

Many patients have died due to loss of temperatures under operation. There is no scientific proof of infections caused by using the warm air blankets so it is safe to use them.