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How to Find Parking at the Newark Liberty Airport

Have you such plans to travel from the Newark International Airport in your future days? Know that it is not only you holding such thoughts. The number of passengers traveling from the Newark International Airport on an annual basis range in their tens of millions. You may even be further surprised with the figures when you further bring them down to something like days as you will arrive at a further shocking average of figures, say like nearly ninety thousand people leaving the country on a daily basis through Newark Liberty Airport! The statistics from Newark International dating back to the year 2005 show that in that year alone there were over 400,000 airplanes that were part of the traffic in this airport. If you look at this volume of traffic, you will realize that surely airport paring is at a premium.

The parking spaces the airport provides for public use are close to about seventeen thousand in total and have the groups of the long-term/economy class, daily and the short-term and these are located just around the airport. Wen you get to the airport you will actually get two long-term parking lots which are both located at the far northern ends of the airport. For the parking at the parking bays P6 and P7, you will need to pay at least 15 dollars for the count of a day. For the cheapest option for the on-airport parking option for stays over the three hour mark, then you can opt for the economy parking lots. However you will need to add to them the extra time for transfers by bus to the terminals. For the connection time between the economy parking lots and the terminals have an approximation of about twenty minutes but this will always vary depending on the nature of the traffic at the time.

The good news is however that in as much as there will be a lot of strain o the public parking bays at the airport, there are as well a number of privately run parking facilities as well around the airport which are as well doing great service to travelers. We will look at some of the privately operated parking lots around Newark Liberty Airport as listed under.

Coming to you with some of the lowest rates for the parking services and as well very reliable for the parking services is the offer by the EzWAY parking service for the travelers. Apart from ezWay parking services, you can as well settle for the Vista Valet Airport Parking service and immerse yourself in the excellent services which they pride of having as offers to their esteemed clients. Think of an offer which will see you enjoy a free ride to the airport terminal from the parking lot and you will find the Vista Valet Airport Parking a really good fit d for our airport parking needs around the area of Newark international Airport.

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