Why and how you should own a business blog


Starting a blog for your business, according to a HubSpot survey, could help you acquire new customers. Though that shouldn’t be the only reason to start a business blog, it should make you consider doing so. Another reason to have a business is to create a voice for your brand and share timely and informative content about your business and industry. That is an aspect that cannot be adequately executed on your website or social channels.

Blogging makes any person a thought leader, and whatever your niche may be, sharing relevant, timely and informative information with your audience increases your visibility. When you create superb content, you increase traffic to your blog, and if done correctly, could rank top on search engines. In a world with endless choices, consumers have become smarter about their purchasing choices. To be able to stand out, your value proposition needs to go beyond what you’re offering. A brand with a distinctive personality is bound to attract more potential clients than one without.

For a new business, a lot is required to set you apart from competitors. Blogging is low and an excellent content management system. With sites like WordPress and HubSpot, these platforms provide you with space and tools you need to create content for your business. Here are some useful tips on how to go about it.

What content will you publish on the blog?

If you’re a team of health Canada consultants, how would you make the best out of a blog? Would you give health and medical tips to establish yourself as a thought leader? Would it be the main company website or a tab? Would it be used as a search marketing tool? These questions should get answered before setting up the blog and the registering of your domain. It’ll help guide the content you create and share aside from the services or products you offer.

Select a blogging platform

There are several blogging sites available for your needs. They include WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Medium, Tumblr and Squarespace only to mention a few. Depending on how you respond to the above question, select a site that best meets your needs.

Avoid getting the free version of WordPress or Blogger. The domain name you select will have a yourdomainname.wordpress.com or yourdomainname.blogger.com. It distracts users from your company name and doesn’t come across as professional. The free versions also don’t provide support services. Purchasing a domain name for your company is worth it.

Set it up and begin publishing

You may need to find a host for your site and hire a techie to manage it. Though hiring the latter is sometimes expensive, they give you better results in less than half the time you’d take if you did it yourself. They’ll be able to customize the platform to meet your needs in a manner that aligns with your brand.

Once in place, set up a content plan. The purpose of having one is to create consistency and helps you know what topics should be published well in advance. You will also need to set up categories- the most effective ones are those with keywords related to your business and industry for search engines to pick up and rank them accordingly. You can use Ubersuggest, Google’s Keyword Planner, KeywordDiscovery.com, WordTracker or WordStream.com.

Share on social platforms

All content should be shared on social media, otherwise, how do you expect people to find it? Ensure that there are adequate sharing platforms for your readers to help spread the word to their networks.