Why do People Like Watching Horror Films?

‘Why am I doing this, again?’ you wonder whilst sinking further into the sofa cushions, hands over your eyes. You know there’s a jumpy moment coming – everything from the change in camera angle, to the music suddenly going eerily quiet makes it quite clear something bad is about to happen. However, whilst the protagonist of your chosen feature wanders happily to his or her demise, you suddenly find yourself pretending to check your phone or becoming inexplicably engrossed in examining the back of your hand as the tension builds onscreen.

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Despite being the one to turn the film on, you are once again regretting your decision now the scare factor is turned up. So, if they scare us so much, why do we willingly watch these horror movies?

The Fear Factor – Why do we Crave it?

There are a few reasons you might be forcing yourself through the film. Perhaps it’s Halloween, a celebration during which scary movies are a non-negotiable aspect of the evening. Perhaps you’ve heard you can literally burn calories through the increase in your heart rate. Failing that, psychologists have suggested there could be three main reasons horror movies are so alluring to us.

1. Fear

The sense of suspense can be a thrill, particularly when watching a tense scene in a film. These films can invoke a sense of mystery and curiosity, and for all those sensation seekers it’s not hard to see why horror movies are enjoyable.

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If you’re feeling curious (and brave) why not check out your local horror movie listings and note your body’s reactions to it? For Gloucester TV aerial installation and in other locations, check out http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-and-installation-gloucester/.

2. Unrealism

This finding is a little more paradoxical, given your body’s natural reactions to horror films. A study conducted into the psychological science of disgust drew the conclusion that we are drawn to horror movies because we can distinguish they are not real, and perceive ourselves as having a sense of control in being able to distance ourselves from this.

3. Relevance

We live in a scary day and age, and more horror movies are becoming culturally relevant, whether through politics or acts of violence. Horror movies portraying these topics provide a sort of morbid fascination for viewers when they watch.