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How Parents Can Help Improve Their Children’s Handwriting

Some child psychologists believe that the most appropriate age to teach a child good handwriting skills is between four and six. During this period, most children are believed to be more interested in mature forms of “play” and introducing them to handwriting skills will be beneficial. As a parent, you should take an active role in helping your child learn how to write well. By practicing handwriting skills, children also learn how to spell correctly and the appropriate language syntax.

How Parents Can Help Kids Improve Handwriting

There are various things you can do to make it easier for your child to improve his/her handwriting. An easy thing you can start with is reduce the amount of time your family spends with technology devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Set aside some time you’re your family will not have access to technology and instead ask them to work on their handwriting for some time. There are lots of activities that you can engage in, like writing letters to an old relative or simply writing down grocery lists, chore duties, etc. Playing board games like scrabble can help to improve your child’s vocabulary. You can even take it further by giving an extra point or two if the child can use the word he or she has just formed in a sentence. When you do this, you will be exercising your children’s critical thinking ability as well as the motor skills required for legible handwriting. Make the handwriting practicing tasks more fun than a chore. If the handwriting practice is fun, children are more likely to engage and enjoy it.
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By the age of six, if a child has not learned how to copy out his or her name, you should be worried as a parent. You may find it difficult to read what your child has written if he/she leave spaces where they are not required or writes illegible letters. Another thing you may notice is that your children have a negative attitude towards school work that has to be written by hand. If this applies to your child, find out what makes him/her not like the school assignments that have to be written by hand. Perhaps your child may be having a low self-esteem because the teacher calls him/her in front of the class for having a poor handwriting. Find out from the teacher what role you can play to turn the situation around.
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Children write well when there is proper coordination of the muscles and their perception is perfect. Just like is the case with any other skill, you child needs to practice to improve his/her handwriting. Check the way the child holds the pen and his/her posture while practicing handwriting skills. Also, watch out for slouching and arms that fall from the desk.